Forgiveness Is The Struggle..

Forgiveness is the constant struggle, but way more than just a sorry. I do some things that people can’t forgive but will and his family forgave me for accident with the Yari. I’m sinful, and you have no room to talk. Having trouble forgiving family members so I’m the jack at the bottom of the bean stalk. This something that I’ve had issues with since I was young, the list just grew. So many people surrounding that are dumb, looking in a mirror saying it’s you. No names, just grudges that gotta break. Not many more relationships I can have break. No Forgiveness for my ex’s, no forgiveness for my father either. See if i had a parent that beat me or treated me like that I wouldn’t be able to forgive them either.

Can’t forgive a buddy but you expect forgiveness from God. What if you messed up one time that would be the end? You lie or you sin regardless of which you’d lose a friend. The people you love sometimes are the hardest ones to forgive, but also the hardest ones to forget. That’s why in life when we lose a loved one, the whole families family gotta throw a fit. I wish it wasn’t this hard, I wish I would be able to make things right. The matter of it is; people won’t always be there to guide you to light. That’s what Jesus is there for but I can’t be close to him while holding grudges. Christianity doesn’t work that way, the same reason you can’t have a court case and your family be the judges.

I pray that one day I can be half the father that I’ve seen in my lifetime. Makes me think of the scene in fresh prince that that wasn’t scripted, makes me cry every time. Forgiveness is a huge key to conquer when it comes to mending relationships back together. Constant weight on my shoulders from this, and my notes is the only way I deal with the pressure. The prayer time is the only umbrella I get in this weather. See we all struggle, but I know forgiveness is dealt with differently. On the real though, I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t deal with it efficiently.IMG_2996.JPG

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