Choices With My Heart On My Sleeve

Shower thoughts cause remember I told y’all I do my best thinking there. I guess it’s not a coincidence that I come up with the nicest lines when I got hot water drizzling in my hair. But lately I’ve struggled, no motivation to put in my notes. I keep hearing “stop bitting on the hand that feeds you” but is that how the saying goes? It’s really just me, I struggle getting words and my feelings to come out. I don’t wanna keep giving out the same vibe and lines that will eventually have these poems runout. Man this is what I want do, and it’s keeps tugging at me. Numerous people asking why I’m not in college anymore and I have the nerve to tell them it’s for poetry.

Go back to school; get a degree in journalism, or maybe even communication. I see what my two brothers did, judge me if you want but you don’t know the situation. The way I talk you would think I’ve already been to college and got my degree, just wasn’t feeling it. It’s been kinda self taught, other then the help from Dodson cause he was the only teacher that noticed what I was dealing with. So right now; it’s kinda hard to tell adults what I’m doing, cause I don’t think they’ll understand. Having meetings with myself to increase the supply and demand. Supply the poetry, but no one really demanding it. The same reason kids in elementary school don’t like to read, couldn’t find their likes, it’s the same here in my poetry so now I’m expanding it.

Waiting for IGA to call me back, needing to get some money putting cans and bread in bags. Making use of the time off to get things done. Helped my brother move in, treated Peyton like a son. Having an older brother leave you and not even help raise you isn’t fair. My older two took me wherever they went, wasn’t really into bowling but every trip we took their plans were spared. I was always taught to dream big, then make progress. Embrace the obstacles that are difficult to process. 19 year old that decided church, poetry, and family were more important than his college career. Now second guessing and questioning my choice to do is over, so it ends here.IMG_0738.JPG

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