One Of Us Go Through It, Then We All Go Through It.

The other day I sit down with a buddy that’s having problems, we’ll shoot I’ve had the same ones. Wants nothing more than peace for himself but constantly going to his mind with 2 guns. See a year ago it was so different, my dude saw it in a different way. Came over to get his mind clear but I didn’t know what he was gonna say. I gave my best advice, cause I saw that he was really at a low point. Never really expressed any emotion but he couldn’t make his self disappoint. You know the low point that we all get at, some just dig deeper. With knowing what it’s like to be there, I can’t allow myself let anyone feel that low and get weaker.

Not the first time this has happened, and I bet it won’t be the last. Prepare your whole life to carry the weight, it’s just that sometimes the bench press drops fast. So now I’m trying to do some spotting, help out on the side. You can be bestfriends with a guy but never understand what goes on at home inside. That’s the scary
part that no one pays attention to. Get so caught up that you just let other people solicit you. Ive seen the lows, I’ve also been through it. Depression is a tough meal to swallow without chewing. It’s real, but we question when we think it’s for attention. Be transparent, I know it’s hard to open up with head and heart tension.

Low and dark is what the devil wants, already at your weakest. In my opinion, the people who have been the weakest, they’re mindsets tend to be the deepest. I think that’s why I do this, I think that’s why I picked up this talent. I’ve been helping myself through the low times, now I’m helping others just to keep my life balanced. So how’s about some light, in your situation and mine. What if those people thinking of committing suicide had some more people with some more time. In life we got different levels of depression, and pain. But also in life, I wanna be the guy that does everything he can to avoid seeing life go down the drain.IMG_2940

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