Different Generations, Mean Different People..

Different people, different attributes, and different generations. Always a different outlook on certain situations. There’s a difference in how I see people than how the older generation sees. Tell me where it says in the Bible that you can’t date me. Show me where it’s at, exactly couldn’t do it. A lot of things on my mind right now, that maybe other people need help going through it. I try to love my family, I really do it’s just difficult. An adopted light skin with a racist half the family doesn’t sound very typical. Asking me to come around and I say no but you question why. I don’t like to be around that part of the family cause when whole issue went down I didn’t see if y’all try.

The older generation so difficult, and y’all call us hardheaded. Disagreements with everything I say; there’s gotta be another method. I don’t get it push us to work harder, but then tell us to take a break for a bit. Start doing things on my own and making money but you gonna try and tell me what to take from it. Had an altercation today that had really opened my eyes about how people see us teens today. We have 2 eyes, 2 ears, with a heart with a mouth so adults can’t always tell us what to say. I really wish people understood the division it’s causing between the two. Racism is one thing, but not letting us have some free will to grow is not what we need you guys to do.

We’re supposed to become adults, and in this stage we should be making mistakes. With each one we learn from, it’s just a matter of how it takes. I see how other adults and elders treat their kids and I’m happy I have Cadillac Kathy and my momma. Kids these days wanna do everything themselves while they’re smoking marijuana. You don’t have to follow in the parents and elders footsteps cause you may believe and think different. In my family, I have some different beliefs and view points and that’s kinda made us distant. That’s part of growing up into a young adult, we start to get our own mindset and start standing for something we believe. If you aren’t firm in what you stand for, you have peers and or yourself that will try to deceive.IMG_0588

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