Was I Born To Shine?

I wasn’t really born to shine, I just created the light as I grew to. At that point, I wanted to stand out but didn’t think I was bright enough. So I changed my whole outlook on who I thought I was. Became my own person that just stood out like a night time fire truck or a bus. Numerous lights flashing, so you can see they’re coming in the night. Just because my skin is a little darker doesn’t mean when the sun goes down I’m not bright. I stand out cause I work to be outstanding, growing into something special and you can see it because I’m getting better with planning. Colorful socks, no matching clothes. The reason I’m a step ahead is because when it comes to the poetry I switch the sign to open instead of closed.

Open book, open with others including myself; not so open with my family because their opinions don’t really help. I’ve kinda saw that more as motivation than anything. I’m just worried about improving regardless of the what negative comments the poems bring. Then again, I may not even stand out to anyone. I never have before so why would I now? I just stick to myself and this writing because it’s the only thing I understand and that my mind allows. It’s really the only thing I got, the only outlet I see. Think if you was in Chicago and you were black or could rap would be the only way out just look what Kanye did with college dropout and chance with the 3.

I didn’t live in the dumps, grow up in poverty like others did. I was born in New Jersey, that’s just something my biological black mother did. I made a way through the adoption and I don’t know many other kids can say that. There’s seriously only one other adopted kid I know and she’s also black. With everything that I’ve been through and seen I don’t necessarily have to try and standout. Yeah, the mismatching clothes, the black skin with white voice; but My life itself has did it, this poetry was just God’s handout..IMG_3501

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