Same Story, Different Day

Sean you always talk about the same stuff, I get tired of reading. Oh okay, so if your pet wants the same food every time you gonna get tired of feeding? Exactly what I thought, so you ain’t got no room to talk. Consistency of a purpose is how I like to walk. That’s the only way I walk, that’s what I was taught in my adolescence days. I’ve wrote numerous poems regarding my past so the lessons I’ve learned stay. How do you switch up a vibe if you constantly seeing the same thing? How do you learn to see the sun if the only weather you know is rain? How do you turn to happiness if the only emotion you feel on the inside is pain? See that’s the issue with this life game.

Constant struggle with nobody really there for you. Do it a bit different and everybody start to stare at you. That’s where I’m glad my vision not 20/20 but I recently found my glasses. Weighing the options that are fenced in to check the darkness of the other grasses. So what I talk about some of the same stuff over and over again? When I KNOW someone is going through the same situation I can lend a helping hand. So I’m slowly learning to take my own advice cause that’s another reason I stress it. Tell me how you gonna find the road to take if you don’t know how to address it?

I can switch it up, I’ve been able to both. I’m serious when it comes to my writing but if we’re chilling, I can crack jokes. Never been able to make beats but don’t don’t miss one when it comes to my notes. I’m making songs now, it’s a whole new level I’ve reached with the poetry. Constantly writing over some instrumentals just so you guys can get to know me. That’s all I’ve been doing honestly and I promise the NF remix coming soon. How could you leave us was about his mom addicted to pills, mine was about how I lost my dad one afternoon.

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