Cancer As A Death Wish.

I wonder how other people deal with struggles, I wonder how other people deal with the losses. So how many people have you lost from just natural causes? Death by age, death by a disease, and death my cancer man. I’ve never lost anyone that I was old enough to understand. I lost my parents by drugs and that’s not natural. Tore down the temple of the body cause they thought their body was a castle. To lose a family member of cancer man I wouldn’t know how to deal with that other that what I do now. I write all this stuff down even if I haven’t went through it just to give a handout. I hope you guys that have the emptiness inside can turn to this cause this is the sort of stuff that I needed growing up. I understand now that the other deaths that we deal with are the ones that are killing us.

Cancer isn’t a joke, I’ve had friends lose family over it. It’s not to be taking lightly, it’s just the hard things in life more difficult to shoulder it. Breanna lost her mom, and the Allen’s lost their dad, wills Mom is battling and were all praying she gets passed. That sorta stuff doesn’t settle with me, it makes me think it’ll happen to me next. That’s why I wrote this so everyone, myself included can deal with that certain call or text. It breaks me down and I can feel the pain in my chest. It breaks others down cause the things they lose are the best. Death in the parents lead to single parent raising, no other half to hold the umbrella up when it’s raining.

Each death tears a family apart on the inside and the out. You don’t necessarily have to go through this to understand what I’m talking about. Losing anyone can be a tough situation but to cancer it hurts that much more. Losing a dad, a mom, a grandparent, or maybe a sibling. It’s cold cruel world out there that’ll leave you shivering. So I write poems to be the heater, the blanket, or the hoodie to keep the warmth trapped within you. I’ve made an impact in people’s life with this and now I’m trying to continue. Share some personal experiences to experience another person. I’m here to help those that deal with the issues behind the curtain.IMG_1253

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