A Few Questionable Calls..

A few questionable poems that, I’m just tired of hiding. It’s pretty difficult to hide something when you got light blocking your sightings. Kinda questionable but understand these are a pretty old. I’ve been in difficult situations and I’ve toughened up, never fold. Poems about past relationships, some more about family, and current issues. I put all my tears and emotions down in my notes cause I’ve never been into tissues. That was the whole point of this writing, not to fit in or get comfortable; but to accept. Pride and self esteem can be real issue, you just gotta be okay with not always being the best. I’m doing my job, and now I’m an open book. Trying to let others know that they’re not the only ones going through issues; just look.

I’ve always had relationship problems; honestly, I put some of that on me. Wasn’t really the best at expressing my feelings just ask the past three. They all get it, and understand it. Just wasn’t really sure how to use my advantage. High school relationships, my family gonna go ahead and tell me not worry about it. But I’ve saw all the relationships you guys have been in, and I’m trying to find my way around it. Allen, alex, and Mom; I’ve seen those relationships and break ups.
I’m trying to have a solid relationship with no snow days so it don’t hit us hard, then have to make up. Im part of the family and I see the struggles that I’m trying to dodge myself. If I have to go through one, I’ll learn from it and then start really paying attention to my mental health.

Which I mean; I’ve obviously had struggles, but overcame the obstacles. Tom Brady to the game, when the defense set; I gotta call the audibles. Light on my toes, just to figure out my purpose. Making sure everything that I write down and learn from is worth it. That’s been the situation, and I’ve learned from it all. I’ve learned to do a jump stop to avoid the charge call. There isn’t any college instructors that will teach me what I need to learn in this world that we living in. Way too many killing and, make the wrong decision, I get left in my feelings and, pay the black eyed peas a visit, to try to find the world some love, so where is it?IMG_2423

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