Risk It Or Safety First?

Risk or safety first, I’m kinda in between. You would probably be the same if you’ve seen the things I’ve seen. Too many NDE’s to go out and not care about what I’m doing, too many things I have to live for to not pay attention to what I’m pursuing. I can be safe but take risk, in fact I’m kinda doing it with all of this. Writing down my feelings is better than starting the drug process. As a 19 year old I’m trying to help people in the struggles make progress. Drinking my life away is not something I’m trying to be known for. A careful walk and that’s not the door I’m going for. I’ve seen what the drinks and the drugs do, my family has been a part of it. I know what they’ve went through, that’s why I’ve never started it.

My friends are different, different mindsets for different people. I just tend to stray away from some of the decisions they make, they don’t make them evil. No parties, no drinking, no smoking. I do a lot of things different just to let you guys know that I’m open. The poetry thing is a little bit of both taking a risk but playing it safe. Too busy getting lost in the stars but sometimes I feel I still need space. That’s why I’m not a chaser, I pray about the doors and let got direct me as I take my steps. Pushing me while things are working out like he wants to see more reps. Think that’s a risk or are am I just playing it safe? A risk with God doesn’t exist, is just called faith.

Safe route isn’t always the easiest, it takes a strong mind to make decisions. Never settle and get comfortable, it takes quick feet to dodge head on collisions. Stay on my toes just in case what I’m doing doesn’t match up with Gods plan. There’s no point in creating my own path and taking it from his hand. There’s not really a safe way, it’s God’s way or I’m not doing it. Faith through him is the only way I’ll be pursuing it. That answers the question, is it the safe approach or do I take the risk? It’s really not my choice if I put in or eject the disc.

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