Too Many Ups To Be Down..

There’s a lot in this life that I’m still trying to figure out. There’s a lot of questions in my head that I still can’t ask about. I’m not sure how to ask or how to start the convo. Will it make me feel up, down, kick or punch like a combo? So I don’t ask anyone much, but I’ll talk to myself in the mirror. I’ll ask myself the questions to try to understand my head clearer. I don’t think I’ll ever get my head around it, I confuse myself every now and then. Go through a week or two and ask myself how it’s been. I’ll ask myself all these questions to get my own feelings down. What’s the point of telling everyone else that doesn’t listen when they’re around.

No one ever listens to me, they just hear what I say. I’ll spend 20 minuets trying to help someone but they never take anything away. So I begin to my lose purpose cause no one understands it. It’s like a teacher giving out a test, if the kids fail it’s the teacher who has to mend it. So I guess I’ll try and try harder each time it’s needed. But if no one is getting things from this then I’m stuck without reason. Everybody switching up like the seasons, it’s fall now and we about to switch to winter. Way too many ups and downs in life to actually have a winner. Too many of the ones in the back wanna get heated and come at me so I tell ‘em simmer. I’m just working on making strides in a different league like Jimmer.

So really what am I doing if I’m not making a difference? A teenager from burkesville writing poetry so yeah, I’m different. But also, I’m sorta the same cause I deal with the same struggles you do. I’ve did things that impact me now like voodoo. I talk to myself to make sure I’m doing right, you should too. I just really wish you would understand what I’m trying to do. The more you don’t understand, the more it takes away from my purpose. The more you judge me without knowing who I am, is the more you misinterpret behind the curtains. So worried about the show I put on instead of actually trying to get through. I guarantee if you actually witnessed what I did, you’d try to start writing too.IMG_0093

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