What’s Worth It To You?

A broad topic but a lot to write about if you think about it in a deep sense. Give someone something in their life and ask if it’s worth it and they’ll say it all depends. I don’t get that, why keep something if it’s not worth it? I guess everyone the same so it’s only important if you birthed it. Make something happen, it should mean that much more to you. Just be yourself, it’s so much easier to do. Work hard to achieve a goal, that’s where that worth comes in. Fail and get down about it and that’s where the drugs come in. Some of us are really on the verge of making one bad choice and ruining the life we have. I don’t wanna show up the a funeral just to a reverend say on behalf.

Thinking to the future, will all this work I put in be worth it in the end? I’ve made it a mission and I lost a couple friends. Is it worth going through the drama, dropping all the negativity that I’ve surrounded my self with. Having a dude that you have to go through everything with that you aren’t a big fan of like Will Smith? That’s why I said 2018 is gonna be a different year for me, productivity over the hardships. Making decisions on the way I plant my roots and God will start the Harvest. Unnecessary things getting dropped cause I’m making everything I do worth it. Make sure you listen to me now so you won’t complain later if your hurting.

Our year, bringing back the CIU but the motive isn’t basketball anymore. It’s the change within the poetry cause it’s the only thing I got to live for. So what are you spending your time doing, is it time wasted or time well spent? Are you growing throughout the year or are you content with descent? That’s where the questions arise, what are you doing? Who do you do it for? Is everything you’re pursuing worth it if you hit the floor? That’s why you have self evaluation, see for yourself how well you observe it. I’m slowly starting to understand that all this writing I do is definitely worth it. IMG_2445

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