Mentally Isolated..

I have some other poems that y’all don’t get to read. I deal with a lot more than just what y’all see. A lot I think about but can’t say. A lot of breakdowns and I’m not sure I’ll be okay. I mean, I’ve thought about some things and never backed my thoughts with action. I’ve been at the bottom, Im the denominator of a fraction. I’ve been real in these writings, just too real for some. I won’t ever allow you guys to read them and sit there and make me look dumb. Though some of you already do for the stuff I write. And get judged for the stuff I like. That’s okay, like I said that won’t ever keep me writing how I feel. I’m zipped up to most of y’all but my notes is where I get to break the seal.

Lately I’ve realized it’s better to keep to yourself, cause there’s too many trying to get at me. I’ll probably disagree with how you think but that doesn’t mean you have to get snappy. I have a different thought process so my mind is always going wild. I knew I’d have a gift of words ever since I was a child. Since then I became a man and put away childish things. I’m the type of dude to get the best words out of the hardest rains. At the beginning of all this I thought it was important to get people to understand me. I did my best to explain but got left hanging like a canopy. Now it’s not important to me, imma keep laying my heart out. If you don’t know me personally then you won’t know what I wrote about.

4 years of high school really changed the way I saw myself. 4 different girls cause I always felt I needed help. I learned a lot from each but I hurt all 4. I was inconsistent with them all like the tide on shore. I based the relationships off feelings and that was my mistake. I did them all wrong, at least that was my take. I’ve been detrimental, so I appreciate everyone who decides to put up with it. I’m working on a complete spin that everyone gets like a fidget. So I’ll keep working to get my head and my heart straight. Cause the worst thing you could do in my situation is wait.IMG_0354

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