Temporary Things For A Temporary..

Not everyone’s in your life forever, know that. Not everyone see the same picture, Kodak. Not everyone gonna be a crowd favorite, Novak. I’ll try to get there, with understanding that not everyone will like me. Some relationships gonna end the way Connor and Mayweather’s will after fighting. Still afraid of change, ask me about it and I’ll say exciting. The worlds power been out, I think it’s time we need some lighting. I’m trying, I just need to use this small platform that I have for my writing.

I mean the world so uninviting, and sometimes I feel I won’t make it. My best friend told me, the best way to the change the world is to live like you CANT change it. Sometimes I believe that, so many stubborn and hardheaded. I think to myself “they’ll have to listen if I repeat it until it’s embedded.” Repetition gets the point across, I use persuasive tactics. My generation doesn’t take advantage of the first amendment and man that sounds tragic. But yet, so true. we’re all so freaking voiceless. I bet some teens don’t even know the first amendment, so having it is so freaking pointless.

I’m tired of not making a difference, I’m tired of the worlds ignorance, I just wanna be heard so desperately. I’m tired of no listens, I’m tired of no attention, I just want my writings to give you a form of ecstasy. I get emotional writing these, but it’s not the same as reading ’em. I’m a fox, that stays hungry, and with each poem I’m feeding ’em. None of us getting out of our comfort zone, I guess I gotta start leading ’em. People of the world want you to stay in that box so you ain’t seeing ’em. So imma tell you this, as soon as the box is broken is when you start beating ’em.IMG_0671

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