Relying On Just Me And God..

I use this gift to write my heart and my feelings down. It seems like no one really cares about it when I’m not around. That’s why I learned to not depend on anybody else. What’s the point of it, when I have this mindset and can depend on myself? That’s something I learned throughout high school, since then God been opening doors. But now I understand that I can do things myself, so why do I rely on other people for? There will always be things and people that we gotta outgrow. It just takes certain people a longer time to figure out how so. Don’t get it twisted, I’ll still need Emily, my family, and God. Cause I think I only have one friendship like Chris and Rod.

I’m still trying to get out, cause people aren’t straight up with me. Khalid only 19 and he knows that no one ever says what they mean. Check the album, it’s a spinoff of the American Dream. But he’s just doing what all of us should be doing and writing about the issues of an American Teen. I’m outspoken, so I’m not the one to sit in the silence. It continuously gets over looked but I promise there’s a such thing as teen violence. I’m tryna do something right, and bring the issue to the light, nothing racist here, I’d do the same if I was white.

It’s all a big cycle that we put ourselves through. We rely on someone, they hurt us, and then we think payback is cool. Everything we do is usually a cycle, and to break it, you must understand it first. I’m working to break it cause I still have a lot to say before I cop my hearse. I’m still trying to make changes, I’m still trying to break chains and, help people get over the bumps and obstacles that the face. Cause I know what it’s like to be last and not finish the race.IMG_0859

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