Question What You’re Taught.

I question what y’all say, and what I’m taught nowadays. It’s just, a lot of people can lose things when the holes get covered up shoutout Billy Mays. So I just sit back for those of you that don’t want my help. Like how you supposed to help someone if they can’t help themselves? Willingness an issue, don’t come to me until you realize the problem is you. Until then, I can’t do a thing for ya. That’s like me honestly trying to be in the same position, and asking to feel your pain for ya. Y’all spend too much time hearing and not listening. If you never get outta the box what’s the point of discipline.

I get it, we’re all human and we all gon’ make bad choices. But there HAS to be a time where make your own decisions and stop listening to everyone else’s voices. Too many fakes with all these false prophets. We looking right to them hoping our brains make a profit. I can’t stand it! Too many teens being mentally infected. Now they’re just on a crash course cause the never learned how to change direction. That’s honestly what happens, we just walking to an oncoming train. Just because time doesn’t heal, doesn’t mean I can’t help at all with your pain.

I’ve been through a lot, and I’ve heard and seen some things that you don’t know. It’s just really tough for me to understand that not everybody wants to grow. It’s like I said before, willingness is a problem and always will be. I mean I started out with it I’ll have to plead guilty. I’ve broke out of my box though, and never jumped back in it. I’ve got a lot to say but no one ever has a minute. That’s why there are fake listeners and readers. I just don’t want people to follow the fake leaders. I hope I’m not one of those, I hope you guys see me through. 99% of the time I’m writing this poetry for you.IMG_2955

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