Fire With Fire Combat..

Fighting fire with fire, it’s another analogy poem using flames. It’ll burn higher and higher until one of the flames can assign blame. I recently got asked a question, that I couldn’t give a straight answer to. The question went “is it possible to be the flame and the water too?” I paused, and thought to myself, “I’ve never thought of it that way.” Fighting fire with fire will only get you burned is what they all say. I agree, that’s mostly true but did you ever think about this? When you get burned that will make you think twice about coming near the fire pit. Sometimes we need to get burned to see how important finding water should be. “Wait Sean, that doesn’t make any sense.” The only reason it doesn’t is cause you don’t see what I see.

It’s a reality check, and man does most of the world need it. It’s the last 3 games that you gotta win just to be 8th seeded. It’s crazy cause some people can’t learn unless that reality check hits ’em. Trying to tie the knot between two ropes until that flame in the middle splits ’em. Here we go again. It’s the blame game, dang shame, the faulting doesn’t matter. You can’t grow, you can’t go, plus you forgot the ladder. Let the flame burn drinking a beer. Mat Kearny to the game, not sure where we gonna go from here.

Water will always extinguish the flame, therefore every flame needs some water. I don’t even workout but I still see all this like a spotter. I got the scars for y’all to see like Harry Potter. I’ll be honest, I’ve got burned by the flames numerous times. But all these scars and burns is what inspires me to rhyme. I believe chance said it best in Everybody’s Something. Never been with the suits, I guess I’m Donald Trumping. It’s hard for me to give up on things, you’ll never catch me punting. The goal isn’t really to put the fire out, it’s just not to get burnt again. Each burn will always be a reminder of where you’ve been.IMG_0738

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