A Purpose To Be Fulfilled..

Sean, why do you write? What is the point of all this? I expected that question a little earlier along with a diss. There will always be a doubter, not everyone likes these writings. I write through the rain, for the ones that always hiding. This poetry is music, I just can’t play an instrument. I write to be involved, so I can call myself intricate. I love music, and love the impact it brings. I write so I can help make an impact on an audience going through things. Music has always been a go to, it keeps me upbeat and positive. That’s why I write my own so these musicians aren’t the only ones that’s causative. Music can save a life, just ask futuristic. I wanna write that stuff that you have to go back and look at because at first you missed it.

This writing kinda gives me a platform you know, to share my feelings and thoughts. I write cause I never know when my last day will be, that’s something I learned from Alan Watts. So I write to have an impact, on myself and society. Way too much dubiety, with all of this anxiety. I promised myself that this wouldn’t just be a hobby. Trying to live a suite life so I’m working for your attention if you pass through my lobby. But I’m still getting over looked, still getting passed up. You think they’d pay attention if I wrote enough? All these poems out and y’all still don’t even read ’em. Feel like the Houston Rockets with my poems think they’re really good until a warrior comes and beats ’em.

Everyone has a voice, so why don’t we speak out. I have a voice, and in this poetry is the words I speak about. I wanna write to bring my family up, they are my support system. Anytime I feel like breaking all the promises, my family’s there to fix ’em. Everybody has a life story, so I use these poems to tell it. Maybe one day I’ll be good enough with these words to sell it. I’m still finding myself, I found in this poetry. That’s a reason why I write this potently. I care about you guys and I don’t wanna let myself down. I don’t wanna sit there with a float and watch all of y’all drown. My guilty conscience would get to me, and that wouldn’t be right. So that right there, is the reason I write.IMG_2952

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