10 Years In The Future..

10 years in the future, I can’t really see that far. 29 years old, I hope I still have the same heart. All my teen years were a struggle, so hopefully I won’t be dealing with them at that age. Hopefully I’ll be settled down and completely out of the cage. I’m just trying to settle with this poetry cause this is my passion. Not extremely positive college is for me but I gotta make this poetry happen. I’m not sure I need a degree to this popping, I believe in my pen, I believe in my mindset. I believe this writing thing I do will eventually become timeless.

At least that’s what I’m working on and that’s my only plan. All my life I’ve been told to have a backup but who do you know can backup Jesus man? 10 years in the future will I make it or will this writing be for nothing. At 29 I’m hoping I can be a successful poet and husband. Travel the world pushing for my passion like I dreamed of. This duo if me and God could honestly be the best to team up. I don’t plan on dropping him out of my life for the next 10 years. For he; is the reason I’m able to do this, he made my path clear.

I do this now for the kids who live in the dark and are scared of the next step of the process. I believe in myself and what I can do for the baby steps cause it’s all about progress. Start with small realistic goals then you build up to the big basket. I don’t wanna be recognized as just a basketball player, changing world with this poetry is what I want people to think of while I’m laying in my casket. Who is gonna show up when there is nothing left and I’m out of the this temporary life. I’ve worked hard for two years to make sure there is no difference between me and the guy that writes.IMG_0671

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