Walking And Talking..

So I’m walking the track, thinking what more Can I write about? Asking my heart what more we gonna fight about. What more can I talk about that I can be real with? I know y’all get tired of me writing about my feelings. I mean, what else am I supposed to do, this writing is a go to. Not talking about my actual feelings and y’all expect me to grow too? How does that work, we grow by going through the darkest times. I’m real with my words cause it seems to me y’all hate everyone who lies to rhyme. The only thing that cancels out hate is love, but I’m not asking that from y’all. Cause y’all gonna say that’s too much and never listened to my call.

Last poem I wrote about not being respected til we die. But honestly I don’t think I’ll ever be respected by being a funny, average mixed guy. At least that’s what society tells me, but “society isn’t always right.” That’s why my generation lacking knowledge, I can only name one other person that grew up in burkesville that likes to write. So we connected a bit, shared ideas and thoughts but never linked up. Talked about our issues and it made each of us realize stuff that individually we would never think of. He’s been doing this a lot longer than me, so I shut my mouth to listen. Some of y’all should try it, cause age doesn’t always come with wisdom. I’m still 18 and trying to be a step ahead of the game. I understand now that life’s a race and no one paces themselves the same.

Since doing this writing thing, I’ve had a lot of people tell me I’m acting like I’m better than them now. My own girlfriend thinks that, just cause I found a passion and she doesn’t know how. See I told you, life’s a race and people pace themselves different. We’re all playing the same game but people’s stages are different, peoples wages are different cause we all have different minds. I guess that’s why we all find our purpose at different times. I mean this may not be mine but I got a passion for it. I’m not just saying that either, I actually show actions toward it.IMG_1453

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