This Is Why I Do It…

Poetry is what I love to do, but I’m not the best at it. I tried writing raps sophomore year and they weren’t good but now poetry’s my good habit. I take it serious sometimes but other times I get too laid back. Now every time I’m around someone who says poetry everybody look at me and I didn’t really expect that. I’ve wrote this long to cope my feelings in my mind and heart. Something gotta do it cause my dad had to depart. I wonder if he would like all this poetry I’m pursuing. I wonder if my momma would even likes this writing thing I’m doing. I hope she does, cause I don’t think I could stop now. Rhyming is an instinct, I don’t know how to talk now. I write what’s in my head, so I ride with the top down.

Yeah, there are times where I get writers block and I wanna quit it. I’ll pray about it, and I’ll have a group of people that always tells me to stick with it. DJ, Wilson, I appreciate the love guys. And Brandon I wanna thank you for allowing to help your self esteem rise. I understand it’s difficult to show love in a personal situation that tough. That’s what this is about, love. At age 6 before he died I wasn’t even able to give my dad a hug. I wish the addiction he had was for his kids instead of the drugs. It’s been a long process trying to forgive. I think I can do it now cause that moment is not something I want to relive. I write about family struggles, girl problems, and my life as a whole. I needed something to get my mind right cause my heart has a hole, and I needed something to fill that empty void. So you know I had to pick up with the poetry boy.

Throughout middle school and my first 2 years of high school I thought I want to go into therapy. I had a way with words and I always chose them carefully. I like to help people out but around freshman year I developed a love for music. I studied it more than most of my school work just to figure out if I could use it. I thought about playing instruments, or making beats but that took up too much time. Every time I wasn’t busy on the clock I was studying lyrics so I figured out how to rhyme. So I picked up this writing, and let down my emotion. I’ve learned that it’s usually the quite ones who’s mind makes the most commotion. I don’t asked to be loved but I’m not sure y’all will like me if my thoughts aren’t deeper than the ocean. I’d like to make this my career cause I don’t wanna work and the only thing I hope for is a promotion. This my story and your story is only powerful if you tell it, so I think I found my devotion.IMG_1661

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