The Start Of A Passion..

Not knowing where to start, just a place to showcase my art. Got a passion for this writing and it comes from my head and from my heart. Pulled up at the school today to speak about life. Its hanging from a string and y’all tryna get the knife. I know it’s not a big step but every bit counts right? What would I be able to do if my passion wasn’t to write? I don’t do anything else with my time away. Writing, family and friends time is how I spend my day. I spend some time in prayer cause God is the one that gave me this gift to write. I stopped swimming in the deep water after I had a few sharks bite.

I found my passion and man does it feel good to have somebody else see. Someone gotta get the word out and just like the old Instagram name, why not me?
Come to think of it, I’m probably gonna switch it back. A professional writer from burkesville, why can’t I be that? It turns out I actually do have fans and I’m humbled by each one of y’all. I’m classified as a poet now, in high school it was just a dude that played basketball. I tried to tell you in high school that I was more than just another athlete. It doesn’t matter how y’all try to classify me. I’m more than what you see, I’m more than what you think I can be. Somethings happening with this poetry, I can feel it in my gut. You don’t have to believe in me, but..

The puzzle is piecing together. God clearing up the weather. Things are getting better, and now I’m looking up. School gonna stress me but coming here to write about it will always be enough. If I can make a living off of my passion, why shouldn’t I? NBA players are doing it so why couldn’t I? This poetry has taken the place of what basketball was, 2 years ago it was vice versa. The way you are understanding me, is like our whole high school trying to write cursive. I can’t teach that, cause my handwriting is barely legible as is. I put all my writing in my notes like this. I won’t always have a pencil or pen and a notebook. I’ll always have my phone and I’m getting better dropping these dimes like a Steve Nash no-look.IMG_0153

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