Suicide Talk Pt 3..

Back on suicidal talk, I had to make a part 3. I had to write the things down that you don’t get to see. But everybody’s situation is different growing up. I’m just trying to get people to pay attention to us. Cause things get difficult, and this the only way I have to cope. I guess things change when you are growing up you have to dodge a rope. Metaphorically speaking, I ain’t talking bout a noose. I’m talking about the life you were given, but that life, you can lose. Maybe dad had a drinking problem, self esteem at the bottom, didn’t have me, so I guess there’s no need for condoms.

That’s no disrespect, that’s just for my adoptive others. It just makes me feel a bit uncomfortable when y’all ask if Alex, Allen, and Peyton are my actual brothers. Adoption isn’t a problem if you were brought in the way I was. My parents weren’t ready to take care of me just because, I wasn’t the main focus of my mom or my dad. I know that’s how it goes when the home life is bad. Killings, villains, and some suicidal thoughts. Bullying yourself, but nobody thought to call the cops. That’s why I write this out, cause people need to hear it. Questioning yourself, that’s why I’ll be here if, you need me and everybody need someone. It’s happening right in front of our face like shogun.

I want people to step back from the ledge like their third eyes blind. I want people to realize who been supporting from behind. Time is in the essence, so you gotta take a step back. “You’ve never been through this Sean, what gives you the right to talk like that.” This is what I wanna do, I believe this is Gods will. The worse thing possible if you can move, is to stand still. Seeing people struggle, but we still sit quiet. Needing someone to cut the rope before the depression gets to tie it. What’s the point of even having a voice? Letting someone commit suicide even though you could have changed their choice.

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