Suicide Isn’t The Way…

I wanna get something out, right now. Not pertaining to drugs, girls or money so y’all probably won’t know what I’m talking about. Y’all may have some different opinions; but sorta like buttholes, everybody got one. right? I know some people been through this, but never thought to write it down. I’ve never really did this, so I guess it’s time to start now. What has happened, happens often but no one try to lend a hand. Its cry out for help like S.O.S written in the sand. It’s over the same topic, I’m tired of all toxic, some people live in darkness. I wish I was there to stop it.

We’ve bottled up emotions at least one time in our lives. Cause we’re too afraid of those who criticize. See a group struggling, how hard are high fives? “How can you say that? My darkness is a different size.” But who’s fault is that? Man, it’s all in your head. I’m just trying to help out, it’s your fault if you don’t pay attention to what I said. I’ll be honest, I’ve never had this problem, and I hope none of y’all have it. It all starts with comparing yourself to others, I know that’s a bad habit.

This for those who have, and know someone who committed suicide. I guess it’s time to say it, so my brother lost a close friend and man that’s the way he died. I’m not sure who it was, but if it hurts my family, it hurts me. I wrote this for those in complete darkness and the light is the last thing they think they’ll see. Break all the drugs, drinking, over-thinking, thoughts of sinking, maybe shrinking, break the chains. Do it, gotta choose it, please pursue it, find some music, it’s so worth it for these gains.

Dear father above, I pray for the dark ones to find love. I pray for the issues and the struggles everybody dealing with. I pray that none of my listers go through what Robin Williams did. R.I.P to those we lost from our connection. I pray for those we lost, no matter of complexion. I pray for the ones that my listeners have in their possession. And Father, I just wanna pray for everyone dealing with depression. I don’t want people to deal with this over and over again. That’s why for this poem I wrote a prayer at the end. And all these things I ask in your name, Amen.

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