IMG_3167 I’ve been writing a long time, but I never tried with music. I don’t really have a rapper voice but that doesn’t mean I can’t use it. I just figured I could get to more more people you know, If I started rapping. But isn’t poetry, rap? Minus all the trapping? I thought that I could keep some flow going over some hip-hop beats. I tried to do a ten toes til I found out that it wasn’t me. Poetry gets difficult, ain’t nothing come easy in this world. I just graduated high school but the hardest thing I had to do was keep a girl. Now you can laugh, and joke about whatever you want to. But how many of y’all got down when a girl said they didn’t want you. For me, that was a bigger issue in high school. I wanted to keep a girl more than I wanted to be cool.

For that, I was looked down upon. Started writing poems, that was frowned upon. Started posting ’em, but really didn’t expect much. I thought to myself is it worth getting made fun of in the class I had after lunch. That’s the part that y’all don’t understand. I write about life, and how I became a man. But y’all still make fun of me, you still talk down about it. Id say a fresh new poem coming up but all I’d hear is Doubt it. I’ve always got doubted, y’all never took me seriously. I admit most of the time in high school I wasn’t, but really was I supposed to be? I was told to have a good time in school, and don’t stress it out. Every time I got in my feelings instead of talking, I wrote ’em out.

Now I hear everyone complaining like “I need some real friends cause all these dudes are fake” instead of starting drama, how bout you write down what you wanna say. That’s why I keep my real friends close, but my notes even closer. I think this poetry is good, I wish had some more exposure. Little feedback won’t ever keep me from writing more. Junior year I took time away from some negatives then God opened doors. So what’s the next step, where do I go from here. Praying for my purpose to become clear. It’s way more than just writing, I do this to set my mind free. I was taught that appearance doesn’t matter thats why I let you see the inside of me.≥≥≥≥≥≥≥≥

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