Light In A World Of Darkness..

I couldn’t fit everything in the last poem so I decided to write a bit more. Too many of us drowning and I’m just trying to lead some of us to shore. My writings may not be great but at least I know what I write them for. I write for y’all, dealing with the struggle and the pain. Or sometimes I’ll write to myself cause I know some people going through the same thing.
Growing up could be a real issue for a certain person. So scared to go home, cause they’re parents always lurking. Growing up can be a real pain, when you have someone raising you that don’t even know your name. Or maybe they do, it’s your real mom and dad. Maybe they beat you, that’s why you’re always sad. My life was rough but I didn’t ever deal with that, I figured I’d write for the ones that have whelps on their back. I’m not playing, this is a serious problem. People think cutting or committing suicide is a way to solve ’em. I don’t even get that, to me that makes no sense. You probably understand if your whole childhood was hiding from your parents in the vents.

So many adolescents have been beaten up and bruised, abandoned, and abused, left without some shoes, call ended with bad news. I know some that grew up like this, so afraid to move or speak up. And those that dealt with they’re parents never being able to link up. I know that life could be tough, it’s always one or the other even parents argue over the childish stuff. The parents don’t make any progress so they take it out on themselves and their kids. I see parents put their kids up for adoption before they even need their sippy cup lids. To be honest, that’s what happened to me but I’m okay with it. My biological parents we’re on some hard drugs, I thank God everyday that I didn’t have to stay with it. A rough childhood is the reason some people lose themselves. Bullies, cutters, and some drugs it’s all just a big cry for help.

I just hope I can get to y’all in time, before you make a decision that will end up with someone dying. I hate to hear that, I hate to see a death. I hate to hear that someone’s parents are addicted to meth. I wanna be the one that someone can go to when they need some assistance. I wanna be the one that people recommend that always went the extra distance. I’ll help whoever had these problems growing up, i know deep down some of y’all never really felt the love. Each one of you are loved, from a God above. Know that you can break free from the darkness, a bit of light is what’s needed. When you got some positivity around it can really cause that darkness to be defeated. Now I can add more, but I don’t think I’ve hit that level. I don’t think it be right to mention rape cause I’m not a blue devil.IMG_1725

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