The Marrowbone Display..

I was doing some shower thinking about the way I grew up. I’ve never been the one to mention the stuff I seen enough. Before you stop reading, this is positive I just wanted to talk about some dudes I’ve grown with. My dudes I chill and zone with. Throughout middle school and freshman year, it was all happening at the bone. I’d hoop with my dudes and have my girl there with me; my dudes were always stoned. I never got in to any of that, and they knew better to ask me. They’d all light up, then come up to play ball just to pass to me. I ain’t mad at it, I let them do whatever they wanted. They saw the Jesus in me so they never taunted. I spent a couple of years finding myself and realizing a lot from these dudes. Always bumping the dirty heads and drinking carbonated water just to lighten the moods.

I’m not hating on pot, I’ll never use it but they respect my beliefs and I respect theirs. I used to try to write raps and all my dudes wanted to hear ‘em because they actually cared. We’d pile down there everyday; my friends, my girl and her friends there too. We all got along cause it was a marrowbone thing, I mean what else was we supposed to do? We camped at the park, late night hide and seek. Sometimes in hot days, we would all go down and swim in the creek. I’ll never regret any of those times we had together as one. But if there is one thing I learned now, that I didn’t know then is that change gon’ come. I ain’t mad at that either, I felt I really helped some people grow in that time frame. We’d sit down and get our minds running, it wasn’t all about the ball game.

It’s all in B-ville now, a lot more trouble then what we had back home. Back here it was 14 and 15 year olds smoking and now in burkesville we got 10 and 11 year olds getting stoned. Cops always watching what’s going on at the park, but dude I’m just trying to hoop a bit you know? It’s a different setting with different people still trying to help dudes grow. We there everyday now, running with the ones we got. I’m just out here shooting over these dudes, but hoping I don’t get shot. IMG_2236

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