The Feelings Of A Man..

Turns out no one really cares about feelings no more. Girls calling guys pricks and guys calling girls whores. First off I wanna ask for forgiveness if I’ve ever called anyone that reads these a name like that. But then again, people won’t do it to your face, most of the time it’s behind your back. It’s not called getting butthurt, kids have feelings, teens have feelings and adults even have ‘em. All this talk is the knife you have and you just waiting to stab ‘em. Now you can call me soft or a baby or whatever you wanna say. But people showing feelings is the reason others like to run away. I don’t get it, this generation makes it hard to show feelings. Bringing them up is begging everything to hit the fans on the ceilings.

That’s why I don’t express mine, why would I empty it all out just for you to slander me. Expressing feelings to people gets you nowhere, just look where Enes Kanter be. Show love and then get dropped, everything so backwards nowadays. People start to say what they mean but it’s never to your face. Everything fake, Jesus the only one I can believe. Actually get up and make a change instead of just thinking about taking a knee. That has nothing to do with politics, it’s becoming a worldly issue. The thought pops into my head. “If I died young, who would be the real ones who would miss you”?

You didn’t think I thought like that did ya, you don’t understand me cause you don’t read. You just surround yourself with things that you obviously don’t need. I can try to help you with that cause I’ve been in that situation before. I can show you what not to do but it’s your choice to close the door. Issues will always arise, it’s life’s ups and downs. You got a little help and now you don’t have to do alone like Karl-Towns. I mean let’s face it, the world is full of evil and I don’t think it’s gonna get any better. I’m not sure how much more the world can endeavor. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do, but I sure won’t sit back and watch. I write this poetry about real stuff, and I’m just trying to teach everything I was taught.IMG_3060

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