The Aftermath Of The ACL Surgery..

Some more shower thinking, and again something came to me. I think I’m starting to understand why I always have issues with my knee. Every time I play basketball, I’ll either do pretty solid or not play good at all. I play a lot cause I grew up playing this kind of ball. God’s speaking to me through this, and I just now decided to listen. Every time I do bad playing ball, some cuss words slip out and that doesn’t need to happen because I’m Christian. I had this talk with Micah a while ago, and he gave me the advice to stop playing for a while. It got to me, and I decided to listen a bit and switch up the life style. I stopped playing for a while, got my head and my body right. Got in the word, and prayed then you know I had to go write.

That’s the only time you’ll really hear cuss words come out. You’re judging me for saying that, if you tell me you never cussed before I’d ask you what else have you lied about. It’s a habit when I do bad, started breaking it when I tried playing again. Breaking a bad habit, is really what separates the boys from the men. God’s just testing me, and luckily I studied for this. Taking a lot of shots, but only getting frustrated when I miss. Ask Big NS, he knows and he sees it. Actually he knows how it feels, ask him how many times our knees hit.

I’m gonna keep my faith, no matter what goes on; Nana always taught me not lose site of the bigger picture. She’d always give me motivation then quote scripture. She knows what I deal with now, and this past 2 years we’ve gotten closer. The breakfast table we’d sit and talk about our surgeries that I had in my knee and that she had in her shoulder. She loved watching me play ball, and praising God through it all. That’s what people associate me with, God, basketball, music and poetry. That’s why I talk about everything I deal and struggle with openly. Yeah, it makes me vulnerable but God provides the strength and I’m just the weakness. Never dropping my faith, God gets me over the mountain; no matter the steepness.IMG_0798

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