Hometown Growth

Been in G-town a while, but can’t forget about home. Reminiscing on when I would be at the park and the little dudes would ask to use my phone. “Sean, can I login to my Snapchat?” Yeah dude, here ya go. Is there anyone else coming to hoop today that you know? I’m back home for thanksgiving and I pulled to the park for every little one to say they missed me. I’m sorry guys; It’s working and school, please forgive me. Getting shots up; and every shot, “sean this is for you or I’m gonna shoot just like you.” It’s crazy to think that just investing time into them turns into me being a role model to look to. They’re not great kids but I can be someone that they can turn to. I’ve been through the pain and seen the struggles and I’m someone they can learn from too.

It gives me a sense of love and worth having young ones there to support. Always asked when I was gonna come back to the court. I made friends in high school cause I was an athlete but that’s all they saw me as. You graduate and move on to other things then you take some shots like Hayward leaving the jazz. So-called friends aren’t there when you break a leg. Nor can they say they honestly care when you miss a step. It’s good, I learn when I fall and I’m sorta like leaves in October. I like to stay plugged in, but y’all don’t even understand how to use the controller.

January 12th, Whipping up at the library. Trying to get my name written in stone like I come between black cherry. It’s an open mic type thing, I strive for everyone to hear this. I took a step farther, 2017 may not have been my year but next year is. I’ve been really digging deep into this and not losing myself in the process. I’ve come up with a lot of different situations, and in everyone of them it’s all about the progress. Taking longer strides, uncovering my eyes, I really think I need this writing on the wall. Now I’m classified as a poet, I got fans now and I know it, I don’t even think I need a basketball. It’s just my art I’m trying to showcase, cause if no one ever saw; I wouldn’t have made it this far. Spent all my school days finding myself and now in these writings I’m constantly reminding myself don’t forget who you are.IMG_2642

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