Do You See The Bigger Picture?

Why are people so blinded nowadays? Why people getting glasses but vision still haze? Why everybody talk a lot but never understand what their saying. Too many bench players, talking like starters but I know they ain’t playing. It’s weird that y’all think you are understanding me. Having to ask me about a line in one of these poems, I knew you didn’t understand it; see. You look at me the same way you look at everybody else. You see me as just another dude, so what Can I do to help? I need people to understand the inside of me cause I get tired of the judging from the out. Who would I be if I didn’t actually believe what I wrote about?

If I’m not different then I’m the same as all of them. How am I gonna try to teach you how to shoot if you can’t see the rim. There’s always a bigger picture, not everyone got a camera though. Im way too hurt inside, not everyone got a camera pose. I’m not faking an image cause I know what reputation I hold. I made myself an image cause I questioned everything I was told. Everything I learned, I took it and ran with it. Trying not to fade away like a sweaty hand with phone digits.

You get it? Sweaty hand digits tie back to not seeing the bigger picture. My life really been about prioritizing and I’m just trying to find the right mixture. Of all the things I like to do, all the things I need to do. Getting on my knees to pray cause God, I always needed you. He’s always came through, and never let me down like my friends. God was the one that knew the bigger picture so I hope this relationship never ends. Being let down and disappointed are the worse feelings to experience. You never know when it ends, like a sentence without periods. It drains you in every way, and you start to feel the weariness. It just gets difficult relying on people, cause people let you down and I’m serious. So I’ve been spending my days trying to figure out who I can rely on, I’m curious.IMG_1289

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