Do All Good Things Come To An End..?

It’s said that all good things gotta come to an end, but is that really true? I think the only way it comes to an end is based on your point of view. Which we all got different ones, but mine is optimistic. Take a shot every time you get a ball, don’t matter if you miss it. If you have the opportunity, why don’t you take it? By taking a chance, it will be that much sweeter when you make it.

I feel if you have an option to do something you go for it, not everyone has opportunities like that. But to really pursue those, you gotta learn to get out of your natural habitat. You can’t do a lot if you stay inside your comfort zone. Do a little bit and get your head out your phone. Lately I’ve been reaching out to God and it’s all starting to make sense. It takes some time to learn that the grass ain’t always greener on the other side of the fence.

Take the time to think, what you need and want are on opposite ends. I ask you if seeing the other side is that important and you answer with “It Depends”. You want that life so bad, you beg down on all fours. I thought Cole said it best when he said love yours. It just comes to show you never know what goes on behind closed doors. [/audioIMG_0251

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