Can’t Catch A Break..

I just can’t seem to catch a break, no matter what I say. It’s getting hard for me to understand that the lord gives and he takes away. I’m hurting all the time, physically and mentally. It’s been two years since I tore my left ACL and now my right knee hurts coincidentally. I can’t play a game of basketball without one of my knees hurting. I can only hide off my emotions so much until you see behind the curtain. I don’t really like to complain about my pain cause those who say I’ll pray for you usually never do. Jumping out of an airplane but those people who like to see you fail; take your parachute.

Now I’m free falling right into to nothing, think I’m doing well but behind the scenes I’m bluffing. You can’t call me out, cause you the one bunting. You won’t run it back, cause you the one punting. Life, sports, music, and poetry is what my knowledge consists of. I talk about all of those in my poems, it’s a lot more informative than just making a list of. If I just made a list of everything I wanted to talk about but never actually talked about ‘em, what good would that do? Yeah, I get physically, mentally, and emotionally drained a lot of times; might as well get it on a tattoo.

Mentally, I’m drained day in and day out it seems to become a repetitive cycle. It wears me out cause the world so spiteful. I think and I overthink just like everyone does. You guys don’t really understand what it was like for me growing up. Went to my uncles house this past week that I haven’t seen since the Clinton game. He missed my graduation and we talked about how after losing a parent nothing was ever the same. He talked about me, alex, and allen losing our dad, alex took it to heart. Alex was 18 and dealing with all kinds of questions people asked him at the state park. I feel bad cause my brother doesn’t deserve that, It’s not his fault. Our dads pride was running through him but it eventually got caught.IMG_1586.JPG

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