2016 To 2017

2016 wasn’t a good year, and now 2017 just messing. Another mass shooting and Tom Petty dying a legend. Free falling into 2018 wonder how bad it’s gonna get then. We gonna see another major shooting from a kid at the age of 10. I don’t really feel safe anywhere I go. Jesus watching over me, yeah I know. I love music but don’t wanna go to a concert. Have me pay so much money just to die or get hurt? I ain’t trying to die young and have all this writing go unspoken. I’m still trying to play this game of life like I have so many more tokens. Often times it feels like the world wanna come steal ‘em all. I get scared cause there are actually people who see Americans and their first thought is “kill ‘em all.”

What’s next on the agenda for the U.S? What actions are we taking besides to rest? What things are gonna happen before the year ends? What issue gonna snap when the world bends. It’s horrible that this happens and gets worse every year. Back when I was growing up I didn’t think going out would be a fear. Now it’s my biggest one, so many parents losing sons. So many people blinded or dying. It just frustrates me that sometimes I feel I’m the only one trying. I can’t really do much by myself. I’ve gotten out of my stubborn habits and now I’m asking for help.

So my days consist of laying up writing, and occasionally I play some ball. People trying to get under my skin and I just write them off. I’ve never called anyone out in these poems but I’ve made subtle hints. Still getting a lot of trash talk cause I can rhyme a little bit. I’ll never use this gift to talk down or clown. Talk trash or bash cause that’s not who I am. I use this to get some feelings, thoughts and what I was taught out. These words been trapped in the freezer too long now it’s time they thaw out. Get it, it’s a metaphor for my mental. These poems pretty icy so I needed something to vent to.IMG_0111

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