19th Birthday..

Another year gone by that I made it through the struggles with. Another year gone by that God recovered the ball cause I was too busy fumbling. 18 to 19 not really a big step but I’m patient for the progress, taking life day by day. Doing everything I can to take the pain away. I’ve had a lot change in the past year, I wanna thank everyone that helped me get here. A couple new people with the old town crew. I just wanted to write something about those who helped me get through. The growth throughout the year, id like to explain personally. I didn’t just wanna write about me so I put my dudes in this poem purposely.

I’ve seen growth in confidence, or maybe I should say faith. Got hits on some pitches and the umpire called me out safe. So Micah I wanna thank for keeping everything in tact while I was away for a while. Making the youth grow some more and never making the teens feel hostile. You did a solid job with me, and I wanna thank you for not giving up on me this past year. Told me I could come to YC again as a counselor because this was my last year. Been bestfriends for too long so we know each other pretty well. So everytime I dug myself in a hole you was there with the Pail.

Nick, I wanna thank you for being a real one in class and outside of it. We had some 2k games at the house and I lost to the lakers so I bet you took pride in it. Taco Tuesdays with the dudes just to talk ball or make fun of Eli. I’d talk to you about My honey and you just came straight to the beehive. You care about us, and that really means a lot to me. Me and Emily always doing the same motions you would think we had some choreography. Emily thank you for the not ever leaving, even though you wanted to at times. The dark days we had was just to make the lighter days shine. There’s a lot more I could write about but couldn’t fit all of them in here. PD, kiki, Gordon, Levi, B, NS thank you for sticking with me throughout another year. The originals, but added some new dudes. This past year I learned to surround myself with similar attitudes.IMG_0971

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