Not My Day

It’s just not my day and I could tell from the start. Woke up this morning without my phone on the charge. Neither was my body, I had no energy to get up. I was supposed to play this morning at 8 and it was 7:50 until I got set up. My knee has been bothering me but it felt okay at the moment so I went and played. Got about 4 games in until I wish I had stayed. I couldn’t run right and had a limp in my step. I tried to play the last game and made alex look like steph. I couldn’t move how I wanted, my body always limits me. Going through physical issues really does have an affect on me mentally.

I come home from playing ball cause I had to work at 10. I got my key to unlock the door because I was the first one in. Got it unlocked but couldn’t pull the key out, sounds like a great thing to happen to me now. So the key is bent in the door but it’s not broken yet is it Pink? I just took it off my lanyard to run and hop in the shower to think. That’s where I do most of it, and I know I’m not the only one. I’ll stay up late to just get at it again like rerun. I go through the same cycle everyday, but I ain’t got tired of it yet. It’s ball which I’m thinking about giving it up, then work and after I go home and write the feelings in my head.

Basketball was a passion but it’s getting old staying hurt. It’s always the same thing and I’m thinking about switching up the angle like my first name Kurt. It’s a work day, so I go in and take calls. Gotta client on the line that said he hates blacks oh wait pause. Client said he wasn’t racist but hates blacks and was tired of seeing ‘em. I thought about disconnecting the call but bet he was glad police defeating ‘em. He couldn’t tell I was black, luckily I have a white voice. Or else I would have snapped, it’s people like that I’m tired of hearing make noise. Honestly; I hate this job, but i gotta do it for the money that I need to make this poetry happen. I’ll get through this but in the end I don’t wanna be the only one clapping.IMG_1653

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