My Favorite Piece Of Art

What is my favorite work of art? And what do I love about it? My favorite work of art isn’t even a paint and I still can’t say enough about it. People are are, music is art, this writing thing I’m doing is art. Favorite work of art is music; not just any type, I prefer the lyrical over the hype. Like a joint from Cole, Joyner, NF, or Witt. Listen to those four artist and I bet if you are going through some issues, their lyrics will make you quit. I haven’t even met any of them, but they’ve helped through a lot; family issues, love issues, or racial inequality. Listening to these four feels like they’re running through the wall with me.

That’s why I do this writing thing; it’s an art and I’d like to help people get through the walls myself. Someone can come up to me and I’ve probably already wrote about it, so I’ll just refer to my poem book on the shelf. That to me is the art within the art, music has just been a strong suit growing up. Always been the art to let me out when I was feeling neglected and stuff. Music soothes the soul and the souls soothes the music, depending on how much you have determines how you use it.

See these guys are on another level that I can’t reach cause I don’t make the music. I’ve been writing for 2 and a half years now cause I didn’t have anything else so I had to choose it. I gotta stop comparing, that’s what I told myself for the new year. Stop comparing your work to theirs and do you then the real fans become clear. That’s why I got the messages, and a couple people wanna read before I post ‘em. I put the best lines on twitter to let all of y’all know I wrote ‘em. I’m still doing it, go check it out it’s pinned to profile. Who would have ever thought I’d do these free writes for my lifestyle. Impacting the surroundings cause that’s what I was born to do. Every thing all depends on the 21st letter of the alphabet which is YOU.

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