2017 to 2018

2017 over and you knew I had to write about it. Honestly, it was a solid year for me. My name got out, my game got out, now I’m getting more recognition. Made it completely through the year without getting killed just for being Christian. I leveled up the poetry, the quantity and the quality. Joyner Lucas made a viral video that could lead some more equality. 2017 a great year for music, but a bad year for America. Waiting for the bill to the net neutrality scaring us. 2018 gonna be a lot different, Still needing my life together. It’s been way too cold of a year not just talking about the weather.

Dealing with a lot of stuff that I probably shouldn’t. Ending some of my sentences with I probably wouldn’t. I thought I was more open to new things and new surroundings. It’s just really difficult to breathe when the world has me drowning. Depression throughout the year but that’s why I kept the poems up; my skill with the words is only reason my name showing up. Lil peep passed, never understood what his music was saying. Petty passed and took his last dance with Mary Jane. RIP big black, rather have you than Chanel West. Not a problem with rob but when I hear her laugh it makes me wanna strap a bomb to her chest. Exaggerated, but you bet picture now don’t you. I’m 2018 I’m gonna discard everything I don’t use.

If you aren’t rocking with me and poems then I’ll be silent when you come around. The messages I get on my phone let me know the ones I need to keep around. There’s a purpose for all this writing, I’m hoping 2018 it’ll be fulfilled. Maybe I’ll more people come in my life, and let me know that this poetry’s forreal. This year I’m screaming; more writing, less free time. Gotta stay focused when I have me time. That’s where I gotta produce, and put out quality pieces. The more quality the less I worry about people switching up on me like the seasons. ‘18 gotta be the year, gotta get to snapping. Last year, I was too worried about not feeling it cause I’m not rapping.

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