Coming Back To High School

I really haven’t wrote In awhile, I didn’t have the motivation. Been hanging up with some friends and they invited me to school for some poem conversations. I came to speak to 1st and 7th period in a span of a month and a half. I guess that’s how quick you can from first to last. The first time I did it, I wasn’t really nervous. I had a group of guys in that class that o can say helped me flourished. I made a group with ‘em and showed them the poem beforehand. That’s why I showed it to them; cause I have some friends there to support and, understand how I feel and what I’m going through. I’ll post it on my snap that I finished a poem and people will slide up and wanna read too.

I don’t do any of this just for fun, even though adults try to teach me that when I was a child. I like to be good at stuff I have a passion for so I guess I got a different style. I went into 7th period and I admit I was nervous cause I had more people that know me. I don’t really feel anyone was listening but my girlfriend Rylea Beth; everybody’s reactions were showing. To be honest, I felt like I was judged as soon as I stepped up to the front. I thought my poems were pretty good but with this 7th period I couldn’t stunt. Everybody in there would catch my bluff, and call me out bring fake even though I talk about real stuff.

It’s an important goal of mine but not everyone will support your dreams. That’s why people are constantly nagging trying to make sure you don’t sleep. It makes me sick to my stomach how hard it is to get support from your friends and from your peers. Nowadays you can’t step up to the line and hit one shot, you gotta consistently give them shots to cheer. When you are inconsistent that gives them a reason not to listen or pay attention. I’m the only one in burkesville that I know writes poetry but I still feel the contention.IMG_3034.JPG

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