Picture Frame

We living life like a picture frame. Some to lose and some to gain. Some to break, some in shame. You can get added or you can get cut. The picture frame symbolizes life, but for what. I use a picture frame cause people walk in and out of our lives throughout it. So in a picture frames sense you can add one or cut people out it. It’s been a cycle for me, I guess you could call it. There’s a couple I’ve tried adding but their pictures fallen. But had some to stay in tact, cause I made an effort. If you waste all the water you have, you can’t complain about the desert.

That’s just what I’ve learned growing up; the older you get, the harder it is to keep all your close friends in touch. The picture changes overtime, but only if you let it. You’ll see as you get older you don’t just believe me cause I said it. 19 but I grew up at a young age. Lost my dad cause I guess his kids keys weren’t the right one to the cage. Nothing worse than a parent falling out of the picture frame. Nothing worse than losing something important that you can’t regain. We try to crop a substitute back in those pieces that were lost. Then when it’s something new in the frame is when the Love gets tossed.

Open to change, and adapt to different situations. Add to the frames, and always verify the operations. It’s the quality of the pictures not the quantity at least that’s how I see it. The frame may be a little crooked or may be a little out of line. You can try to change the frame of someone else, but you’ll never change mine. God leads people in and out of our life each and everyday. But depending on you see the addition or the subtraction will determine what else he needs to take away.


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