New Day, New Job

Writing while I’m eating on a call at work. It’s Christmas Eve who’s is also mommas birth. A long wait between calls so I’m glad I picked this writing stuff up; I would have no other way to get my feelings out, it seems every time I try to tell the ones i thought cared, they don’t listen to what I speak about. There are lots of fake listeners, and I think some of those people I surround myself with. I really thought people cared about me more than that but they probably won’t even read this.

I don’t really need support of someone who doesn’t rock with me 100 percent. Sit there and act like you care but when I turn my back you talk trash without my consent. Therefore, I have trust issues so I’ve stopped talking to certain people. There’s just a certain voice I hear in my head to lead me away from evil. It’s not just any voice; God been taking care of me, eating over every situation. The evil won’t come out like the devil dealing with some constipation.

I didn’t really like Sitel at first; honestly, I hated it. Getting calls from a racist and he said he was tired of seeing black people, so ending the call? You bet I debated it. Ruined my whole day, that’s all I could think about was that call. I stopped to think; wait, I got called the N word playing ball. In person, over the phone, I’ll always have to deal with the obstacles. Working to make this big like a video of lil Uzi with a school bus and a popsicle. Positive mindset so the negative thoughts can’t get in, constantly listening to positive music so I won’t get down from that stuff again.IMG_1771.JPG

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