Where Is The Support?

I’ve been through too much to just talk about one thing the whole time. If I only talked about positive things in life than what would be the point of the this rhyme? I’m not trying to write pointless stuff, nobody grows from hearing that. Gotta dig deeper inside myself and talk about pain cause that’s the only thing they cheering at. I can’t always be positive in a world that’s so cold. It makes it 10 times harder to do when that’s the image I’m trying to hold. It’s all about how you play your cards but it looks like imma have to fold. I’m starting to write a lot more but I’m not sure if I can get this poetry sold.

I don’t know what to do next cause there’s a lot of card games that I don’t know how to play. A lot more than what I write in these poems go through my head but it’s usually something I can’t or don’t know know how to say. I’m still not sure what y’all think about this, cause a lot of you don’t read it. I have a number of people I can count on one hand that tell me that want it, but this is my passion and I need it. I’m not too open to most of y’all anymore and now you wanna judge me. I’m passing up shots to drop some dimes and now you wanna sub me. Out of the game, cause you think I can’t hang, I see you reading this writings and all you think I do is complain.

I don’t understand it, wait. Y’all don’t understand me. Too cold in this world for people not to understand heat. They won’t understand the struggles either, even though I try to get them to understand mine. That’s what I do with my poems and on occasions it feels like it’s just a waste of time. These hands are tired, this heart is tired but I’ll keep on right NF? My head is drained, and I’m feeling pain but I’ll continue to do my best. To be honest, I’m not real sure what my best is; cause I don’t think I’ve reached my peak. I’ve wrote a lot more in these 6 days then I have in 3 weeks. That’s okay though, just a lot of stuff I had to get out. So here’s my poem for those of you that say you care what I write about.IMG_3035.JPG

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