Hand That Was Dealt

IMG_1947.JPGI’m a different type of person I like to stay home but get out. I’ve built too many strong relationships in my hometown. I’ve also lost a couple, but it’s alright. Stayed at home writing until day becomes night. I never thought about writing while I was growing up. Back In metcalfe I was watching my brothers play ball until I was old enough. That’s all I really knew as a kid; hot wheels and basketball til my brothers actually let me play. I picked up a few things watching so long so when I got in the game I didn’t really listen to what my brothers had to say. I went through a stage where I thought I knew everything so alex had to get it out of me. Senior year after my acl tear I had to show up and prove to some of you guys that there’s no point in doubting me.

There was growth through watching my brothers playing ball but then I had to grow up real quick after dad passed. That’s motivation to write and get through my issues, I don’t think kris allen could saw that on his forecast. You can’t control the weather but you can control how it impacts you. The same way you can switch your point of view if you don’t let the little things distract you. We’re all dealt a hand of cards, some hands better than others. If you don’t like a card you can discard it and pick up another.

It’s just that all these cards in your hand are tugging at you and shape the way you live. You get so nervous because of the cards and now you don’t really understand what has to give. Priorities change but you didn’t drop the right one. Maybe you protect your priorities peacefully instead of with a gun. Different people will use different techniques to reach their dreams and goals. In order to reach that peak and their happiness you have to understand the controls. Understand the tools that are given, you also gotta understand the negatives are forbidden. The pain gon’ come through anyway, at least that’s how I see it; the pain gon’ get me through things my notes will guarantee it.


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